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Twilight Citadel of the Amethyst Flame
Twilight Citadel of the Amethyst Flame

The castle was erected in ancient times at the junction of the realm of the living and the realm of shadows. It served as a witness to numerous magical events and ancient rituals, becoming the center of mystical powers.
It is said that within the depths of the castle, an ancient power awakened, fueled by the light of the Amethyst Flame. This magical fire possessed incredible power and the ability to alter reality. Great mages sought to unravel its secrets, and many fell victim to its perilous temptations.
A solitary mage named Edric was the last to venture into the Twilight Citadel. Renowned for his thirst for knowledge and bravery, even his spirit was vulnerable to the castle's hidden forces. Edric discovered the source of the magical fire. He attempted to comprehend its essence, but with each step forward, he felt the secretive forces of the castle infiltrating his mind, distorting his thoughts. The more he delved into the darkness, the more he became entangled in its embrace.

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